Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Return of an old problem

I have been dealing with a lot. My in-laws' health problems, effectively being a single mom because my husband is an Over -the-road truck driver, my own issues, a crisis of faith, the fact that my boys are typical two and three year old boys, and more. I started another blog ( ) as a way to try to make myself look at the positive things I have going for me. Today I am struggling with a feeling that my ex is trying to hurt me any way he can. U e once threatened that if I had someone else's baby, he would kill me and my child. I have two children with my dear, awesome hubby. My ex now has a little girl with his wife.  Still, I am scared of dealing with him. The point is, my dad called me yesterday with news that the house my ex and I owned together was being foreclosed on. This was news to me. I was beyond angry. He was supposed to have refinanced the house and taken my name off of it almost 6 years ago. I haven't been able to afford an attorney to take him back to court, so I was waiting, apparently I may have waited too long. Now I fear my credit will be damaged. This situation stinks. I will be in contact with my local legal aid tomorrow to see if I qualify for help. Honestly I just want to throat punch the sick, sadistic, sack of manure for not doing what he was supposed to years ago. Lesson learned - anyone who is 4 quarts of stupid in a 3 qt container is a mess that no one needs in their life.

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