Friday, January 21, 2011

Waiting...with random thoughts of the day.

Well the weather is bad and Superman was at work today. He's a good half hour late getting home already and I'm beginning to get worried. I know it's probably just a matter of him getting held up at work and the guy he rides with taking his time, but still, I worry.

 I got both of the boys down for bed and they both got baths tonight. It was badly needed. I hate to admit it, but I'd let Stinkbug go without for a few nights and he was starting to smell like a foot. That's bad.I know better, but he had been so tired at bath time and he's been having such trouble with dry skin that I've been letting him not take a bath. I really just need to work on making sure I put lotion on the poor kid morning and night.

I got more done today than I did yesterday, but still not as much as I need to get done. Superman is off 4 days this week though and I need to make sure I get caught up during that time. I also need to make sure I get over to visit my dad and step-mom at their new house, which means Stinkbug gets his allergy medicine the night before so we don't have to hit the med neb when we get home. Stinkbug has allergies to cats (among other things) and Dad and S. have 4 of them. They keep their house clean, but Stink loves cats (and all other animals too) and has to give them hugs, pet them and generally mess with them. Unfortunately this leads to wheezing, difficulty breathing, and until we got the nebulizer it meant trips to the ER for breathing treatments, but now we can take care of it ourselves. Fortunately though if he gets the Zyrtec the night before we avoid all problems entirely.

Wow, this is the most random post I have written to date. It did manage to kill a little bit of time though and Superman hasn't made it home yet. I guess the worrying goes hand in hand with being a mom and an army wife. It is the civilian job he's late getting home from though.

Till the next


Monday, January 17, 2011

Bullying, does anyone ever outgrow it?

Bullying is something that has been getting more press these days especially since the internet has made it more visible and the consequences of severe cases are shown more in the media, but what happens when it is not just kids doing the bullying? Why do parents contribute to the bullying, even amplifying the original problem? I just read a post from a fellow blogging mom about such a case. ( )  Her daughter had been bullied in a home school group (yeah that's right even home schooled kids aren't immune to this epidemic). To toss this in it was a group she had been a founding member of. When she brought the problem to the attention of the bully's mom she was ignored, not just glazing over the subject, but completely "you don't exist" ignored for months. Then someone from the group that she had considered a friend forwarded her texts venting and discussing the problem to the other Mom (What a DOUCHE!) Seriously, no loyalty whatsoever huh? Anyhow now even though the other kids have said that yes, there was bullying going on toward KW's daughter, the group has more or less pushed her out! She did not mention names in any posts about them even now that she is bringing it all to light and venting in her blog! She has been very decent about the whole thing, in my opinion! I've been bullied myself. It is not a new problem in the least, but seriously! GROW UP PEOPLE!!!! I have a little boy that is very physical and I watch him like a hawk and even though he's only two I'm aware that he's more likely to be the bully than some kids because of how physical he is, but I'm watching out for it! I don't want to be that mom who won't believe that her kid did something bad. He's a kid, he does stuff he shouldn't that's part of it, but I don't let him get away with it!!!! I think as parents we really need to watch our own examples and listen to our children, and keep communication open in order to help keep bullying to a minimum. Personally I applaud KW for keeping her cool. I'm afraid I would have either cried or punched the other mom in the face when she was yelling at me!

And now, to cleanse the palate. Because I can't be mad at this cute baby polar bear!


Thursday, January 6, 2011

How do you get a two year old to eat vegetables?

I don't think there is a right answer to that question. There certainly is no easy answer. There may not be an answer at all. I am getting creative. Aside from hiding them in other foods, today I fried some plantain. That might not sound too exotic to some people, but here in white bread Missouri where I can't even find quinoa in the store it is on the creative side. Okay, so technically it is a fruit, let's not split hairs here. I am going to see if he'll eat it. I rather enjoyed it. Stuff like that is a treat for me, arguably the most adventurous eater of the family. (Okay so Superman has eaten and enjoyed far more things than I have, but he lived in Korea for two years for crying out loud!) I hope Stinkbug enjoys it. I really would like to see him trying more things. Today plantain, tomorrow - who knows maybe veggie burgers!


Sunday, January 2, 2011

48 Hours Facebook Free. I'm giving it a shot!

I would by no means consider myself to be addicted to the social networking site Facebook, but I do waste way too much time on there! I decided today to go 48 hours without logging on and see how much I can get done if I am on the computer that much less. So far I have gotten a LOT of cleaning done. Now naps are over and I have to go get my oldest from his crib so he can have his snack and I can fix supper. It has been a very productive afternoon. I think this will convince me to spend less time on there, but I'll probably still log in once every other day at the very least. I do have 3 pages to keep up after all. (personal page, page for my blog, page for my home business that I'd like to really get going (but don't know if I'll have the time)). Well, anyhow. I have to pry myself off of here and get more done. This is an experiment that may very well help me learn to balance things a little better. Wish me luck!