Monday, March 28, 2011

For Sale: Sassy two year old

Okay, so the title is a bit extreme. I'm not REALLY going to get rid of him. He's my baby he always will be, but where did all this come from? He's gotten so sassy for a kid who can't really say all the words he knows and wants to say. Last night I told him it was time to go potty (a routine at bedtime), and he snapped back at me, "NO! SHUT UP!" Seriously?! Telling ME to shut up! I couldn't believe the nerve of this kid, but he's only two. He doesn't really know what that means.
 He doesn't really know that it is rude and improper. Where did he hear it? (Honestly I know that answer. We are not innocent of having fights in front of our kids, and we really should be more respectful to each other). Tonight, however, I couldn't tolerate the behavior. I had both boys in the bathtub, and Stinkbug was throwing water- really throwing whole cups of water all over the bathroom. I told him  no and he started getting sassy again. I told him to stop or he'd have to get out and that is when it happened- He HIT the baby! I tried to make him say sorry, but he completely refused. So, I pulled him out of the tub and wrapped him in a towel. He threw himself in the floor and cried. then after he got dried off and I had Turtlebug out and dressed in pajamas I went to lotion him up and put him in his. I got him lotioned up, and went to grab his pull-up and jammies and what did the little shit do? he peed in the floor in his room! When I got back he pointed at the puddle and proclaimed "Mommy I peed." I told him no, told him we don't do that and  that he needs to do that in the potty. He hasn't done that in months! Was he just being Willful? I don't know. I'm so frustrated. I put him in bed. He was upset.
I know he's jealous and he wants more attention. He keeps trying to get in his brother's walker and I keep telling him no and taking him out. I tried to tell him he'd break it and it would hurt him, but he is persistent. I want to nurture the good side of persistence, but this is too much! I'm going crazy. I know, I know it's the "terrible twos" and it will pass. . . eventually, but I miss my sweet baby. I really feel like I'm failing him..I'm trying to be better at keeping up the house. Now that the little one is crawling and oh, by the way starting to pull up on things to stand (yippee), I have to. I have to keep the floors cleared of dropped food, and keep small or broken toys out of his reach. I have to keep up with the laundry so we have clean clothes to wear, I have to keep up with the dishes and kitchen messes so we don't get bugs and we have a safe, clean place to fix meals, I have to prepare nutritious meals for the boys so they have their needs met, and I am struggling to do all this, give both boys the attention they so badly want and need, and maintain my sanity. I don't know what I'm going to do. I just know I need to keep trying, and try not to cry in front of them because of this.

                             This is my Stinkbug finding new and creative ways to get into trouble.

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