Monday, January 17, 2011

Bullying, does anyone ever outgrow it?

Bullying is something that has been getting more press these days especially since the internet has made it more visible and the consequences of severe cases are shown more in the media, but what happens when it is not just kids doing the bullying? Why do parents contribute to the bullying, even amplifying the original problem? I just read a post from a fellow blogging mom about such a case. ( )  Her daughter had been bullied in a home school group (yeah that's right even home schooled kids aren't immune to this epidemic). To toss this in it was a group she had been a founding member of. When she brought the problem to the attention of the bully's mom she was ignored, not just glazing over the subject, but completely "you don't exist" ignored for months. Then someone from the group that she had considered a friend forwarded her texts venting and discussing the problem to the other Mom (What a DOUCHE!) Seriously, no loyalty whatsoever huh? Anyhow now even though the other kids have said that yes, there was bullying going on toward KW's daughter, the group has more or less pushed her out! She did not mention names in any posts about them even now that she is bringing it all to light and venting in her blog! She has been very decent about the whole thing, in my opinion! I've been bullied myself. It is not a new problem in the least, but seriously! GROW UP PEOPLE!!!! I have a little boy that is very physical and I watch him like a hawk and even though he's only two I'm aware that he's more likely to be the bully than some kids because of how physical he is, but I'm watching out for it! I don't want to be that mom who won't believe that her kid did something bad. He's a kid, he does stuff he shouldn't that's part of it, but I don't let him get away with it!!!! I think as parents we really need to watch our own examples and listen to our children, and keep communication open in order to help keep bullying to a minimum. Personally I applaud KW for keeping her cool. I'm afraid I would have either cried or punched the other mom in the face when she was yelling at me!

And now, to cleanse the palate. Because I can't be mad at this cute baby polar bear!


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